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D. R. Barlow & Sons Tree and Landscape Service
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Welcome to our web site!

Let us introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site.
  We have a new phone number.  Please make note of it.  Our old phone number will be useable for 1 year. Our NEW number is:  215-757-4170.  Thank you.

D. R. Barlow & Sons Tree Service will trim your trees, remove unwanted or dead trees, shrubs and stumps from your property.  We have a strict policy on topping trees: We don't do it to certain trees.  Others only with a signed statement that releases us from responsibility for the trees health or death. We recommend against topping trees.  We offer 24 hour emergency storm service, stump removal, chipper service, fall and spring cleanups, snow plowing,fire wood sales, and on a lighter note, we are now offering a "pet~in~tree" retrieval service as well as other quality services.
     We offer Free Estimates, and will Meet or Beat any written competitors price.  We are fully insured, and we offer a 15 % Senior Citizen discount. 
     Please feel free to check out our website, read our policies, and join our mailing list.  We are still currently under construction, so please keep checking back for new information and our new photo gallery.
    Please when leaving information for estimates and mailing lists, leave your name, complete address, phone number and an email address so we can better serve you.  Thank you for your patronage. 

      We are sorry, we are out of seasoned firewood.  We do have a small amount of partially seasoned firewood available. 
  We sell our wood in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 cord amounts.  Our Firewood is all seasoned mixed hardwoods.  We do charge a delivery fee, please call for a specific price for your amount and the area being delivered to.  Our prices are as follows.
1 cord:  $175.00       $90.00 stacking fee(optional)  
3/4 cord: $135.00     $80.00 stacking fee (optional)   
1/2 cord: $90.00       $70.00 stacking fee(optional)    
1/4 cord: $75.00       $40.00 stacking fee(optional)     
1/8 cord: $50.00  **Special order only**(we do not deliver and we do not stack, but can be picked up at our place of business.) 
  There is a $10.00 to  $30.00 delivery fee depending on your delivery address.
 We do not sell single wood loads (full loads of oak, or fruit woods.) All our wood is mixed at the time of splitting, so it is difficult to separate.  We also can not do specific sizes, our wood is under 20" long. We mix all our wood sizes and types in the piles so it is very difficult to separate it.  Thank you for understanding.
We do offer a pickup truck load of unsplit mixed hardwood for $100.00 it may also include a $10.00 - $30.00 delivery fee depending on location (if having it delivered).
We also offer a variety of campfire woods (cedar, pine, and other light woods) please call for prices. 

 We are now excepting PAYPAL for services rendered.  Please visit their site, join for free.  They have many services to fit your needs, including bill pay, auction payments, and sending money to anyone with an email address.
BEST OF join ITS FREE!!!   We have to charge a 5% fee for this service. After you have notified the secretary of the payment. The email address we use on PAYPAL is:  BARLOWBUNCH@AOL.COM.  Thank you.

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Please call or email us for your FREE estimate!


We are now Hiring!! If you have experience as a climber, or want to join our ground crew, Please call us.  We offer great benefits, competitive pay, and a full 40 hour week (depending on the weather).  If your interested please call 215-757-4170.

Call us now to schedule your free estimate on snowplowing.
We will plow your driveway, shovel your walks and steps.
Call us soon so we can get you on our ever growing list. You can call us on the day of the storm, we will come and shovel you out, just please be patient, we are very busy.
     We have 3 plow trucks running at all times, they consist of a 3 man crew.  We do residental, commercial, and township work.  We start as soon as the snow starts falling.  We will salt or spread calcium if needed, for an extra fee.  Please call and get in before it snows..

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at: